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Disinfectant & Ethanol - Purethan produces branded products of the highest quality.

Disinfectant & Ethanol

  |   Disinfectant, Ethanol

Prevention and protection from COVID-19
as well as other viruses, bacteria & fungi.






Disinfectants & Ethanol – all products in stock


Despite the great demand for the increased demand due to COVID-19, all of our products are in stock and available for immediate delivery.






Purethan – Disinfectant & Ethanol


Purethan is a manufacturer of highly effective and particularly skin-friendly branded products for prevention and protection against COVID-19. We manufacture all of our products on the basis of pharmaceutical quality ethanol. In this way, they meet the highest requirements according to the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur). Our high-end branded products desinfect pure® and Purethan® are individually developed for the needs of people and industry.






Disinfectant for hands, skin & surfaces


desinfect pure® Disinfectant for hands, skin & surfaces

desinfect pure® is a disinfectant for hands, skin and surfaces. Highly effective against COVID-19 and other viruses, bacteria and fungi. Perfume free, without additives. Antiseptic, also for disinfecting wounds.


Premium pharmaceutical quality. Certified according to HACCP, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

desinfect pure® is an alcoholic disinfectant based on pure ethanol, pharmaceutical quality. Active ingredient ethanol 70%, Ethyl alcohol refined, softened water. The pure effectiveness.


Distribution exclusively through wholesale

We only sell desinfect pure® through wholesalers. We thus offer the end user highly effective disinfectants for purchase in the well-known local retail chains. Premium quality at a fair price.



You can find here an overview of our desinfect pure® products






Purethan® – bases on Ethanol purest, Pharmaceutical quality (Ph.Eur.)

Purethan® – our Ethanol products purest, Pharmaceutical quality (Ph.Eur.). Premium products according to European Pharmacopeia (Ph.Eur.). Highest quality base material for the manufacturing industry such as Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paint industry, handicraft, etc.


Premium pharmaceutical quality. Certified according to HACCP, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Purethan® – Ethanol 96% (V/V) denatured and Ethanol 99.8% (V/V) denatured according to the EU regulation on the purest, pharmaceutical quality (Ph.Eur.). Our high-end Purethan® products always meet the highest demands. The pure effectiveness


Purethan® supply for manufacturing industry

With Purethan®, we supply the manufacturing industry with premium solvents and cleaning agents. For example for the production of cosmetic products and medicines as well as for use as cleaning agents in industry and trade.



You can find here an overview of our Purethan® products






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